Finding Your Feet – Amp-bassador Vlog

As part of being an Amp-bassador for finding your feet we are now doing a 3 monthly blog update for the troopers. My first blog is below:
Hello Troopers old and new, for those of you who have never met me before my name is Callum Deboys and I am a Para-Nordic sit skier for GB Snowsports! Para-Nordic skiing is a discipline in skiing where skiers rely on their body for locomotion going up and down hill. I compete over various distances ranging from 1k to 15k in both Cross Country and Biathlon (Skiing and Shooting). I lost my left leg above the knee in 2017 due to a motorcycle accident when I was on my way to work as a pastry chef at Trump Turnberry. I never thought I would become a para athlete but after my accident I needed a focus and had a real drive to compete at the Winter Paralympics in Beijing 2022.

Like many I have found the past year very challenging and stressful at times although it has been very beneficial, with having so much time at home to train we had a really big block just to focus on getting stronger and fitter with very little distractions. I often find myself isolated most summers being in my own training bubble so it was a comfortable place for me to be!

Being a skier, snow is very essential to what I do and we have been extremely fortunate to have been doing some traveling for sport and competition. It may seem glamorous getting away to a different country, these days more than ever. Although, when we are away we are based in a hotel room and only go out to train or compete. It is pretty much exactly the same as the UK in most countries that we’ve been too so you are definitely not missing out.

Thankfully, we did manage to get some racing in this season although it was cut very short. We waited for months to hear about any racing and it went by in a flash. The 2 events we went too were held in America and Finland. At both events I achieved personal best results which I put down to having such a dedicated year to training.

I hope everyone is staying safe, positive and enjoying having a little more freedom back! I hope throughout lockdown you’ve managed to learn a new skill and challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible, if you’ve not then it’s never too late to start. Thank you for reading my first little blog and I’ll look forward to writing my next one as we get closer to Paralympic Games in Beijing 2022.

Livigno Camp

We are off once again, a small alpine town called Livigno in Italy is the destination. On the Italian/Swiss Border, Livigno sits at an altitude of around 1800m and is surrounded by beautiful mountain passes. Being my second time at altitude it is always a tough few days getting acclimatised. As we will be racing at altitude in Beijing at the Paralympics, its important to spend the time now to see how your body reacts with the changes in altitude.

Todays session was a climb up the amazing Forcola di Livigno pass. Livigno Pass or Forcola di Livigno Pass is a high mountain pass in the Alps on the border between the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland and the Province of Sondrio in Italy. It connects Bernina Pass in Switzerland with Livigno in Italy. The top of the pass sits at around 2315m so we gain 500m in elevation in only 7km of climbing.

IMG-20200919-WA0019 copy.jpg

Lockdown 5km Time Trial

During the lockdown the team and I have been doing several virtual training camps usually held over a week in an effort to bring us all together over Zoom. This helps to split up the summer training as it can be lonely doing all the miles we do and doing it in isolation adds an extra element of boredom. As part of these we do a 5km max effort time trial on the Concept 2 Ski Erg. The most previous being on Wednesday 8th of July. Since march we have done 4 of these, with each setting a better time. I managed to set myself a New PB with a time of 19 minutes 26 seconds. These time trials are a good test of our physical fitness during the season but they are also a good mental test. There are a few pictures from the test captured by my coach to highlight the things I need to improve on.

Back to it

Today was my first day back training post op. Strength and conditioning work out today with some Physio thrown in. Feeling much better after doing some activity.


Recovery from surgery is well under way and I’m feeling good. Getting loads of life admin caught up on. Today I went to WestMARK and got cast for a new socket for my prosthetic.


I was up at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital getting some more surgery done on my right leg and stump. Procedure went well, and it was a good time post season to get the necessary done. Now on the road to recovery.

World Championships St George Canada

I’ve just been looking back on an amazing 2 weeks in Canada! It’s been such an honour to be representing Great Britain on such a big stage racing amongst some of the best athlete’s in the world 🇬🇧 From being flag bearer for my country to skiing in -25 at the start of the week to racing my best race so far in the 7.5km finishing 15th, then finishing 14th in the sprint! The @caledonianordic centre had some amazing trails to explore on rest days and finally finishing the World Championships on a massive high with the 15km with a personal best finish of 13th 😆⛷🎿 now to get training for next year’s season! A huge thank you to all of the support from my Family, Friends, @gbparanordic support staff, my teammates and my AMAZING sponsors!

5 6 4 3 2 World Championships 2019