World Championships St George Canada

I’ve just been looking back on an amazing 2 weeks in Canada! It’s been such an honour to be representing Great Britain on such a big stage racing amongst some of the best athlete’s in the world 🇬🇧 From being flag bearer for my country to skiing in -25 at the start of the week to racing my best race so far in the 7.5km finishing 15th, then finishing 14th in the sprint! The @caledonianordic centre had some amazing trails to explore on rest days and finally finishing the World Championships on a massive high with the 15km with a personal best finish of 13th 😆⛷🎿 now to get training for next year’s season! A huge thank you to all of the support from my Family, Friends, @gbparanordic support staff, my teammates and my AMAZING sponsors!

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Vuokatti, Finland Race 3 – 0.8 km sprint

December 16th

My final race of my first world cup was the 890m sprint. The course consisted of one big hill and several corners and the top 12 times in the sprint qualifing for the semifinals. I finished 25th with a time of 2:19:5 which was only 20 seconds behind the winner, making me feel very proud of my achievements.

I felt like the Vuokatti world cup was a great success.

Its now time to train even harder for my next world cup in 12-19 January 2019 – Ostersund, Sweden.

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Vuokatti, Finland Race 2 – 5km

December 13th

Race 2 is the 5 km.

Race 2 of the camp was by far the best. I now knew what I had to do and now knowing the course I went out to enjoy the experience.

Finishing with a time of 18:30:4 allows me to qualify of the World Championships in Canada in February next year.


Vuokatti, Finland First Race 7.5km

December 12th

My first race and it all starts with the 7.5 km race. It was very exciting and nerve racking first race. I had no expectations, just wanted to get my first every time and race under my belt. I was extremely nervous during my first lap but then settled into the race and loved every second of it/ Finished 22nd with a time of 30.46.6.

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