Cross-Country and Biathlon

Callum competes in Para Nordic Sit Skiing, which is an adapted version of cross country skiing, where skiers use their arms and trunk to make power to move. The basic equipment needed for Sit Skiing are a sled (custom made to suit the impairment), skis and poles which will allow you to get on snow. Unfortunately there is not much snow in Scotland, so to combat this in the summer we use whats called a mountain board which is basically a skateboard with bigger wheels.

In the cross country events skiers compete over the distances split into 4 categories, sprint, short, middle and long, sprint being 1km, short 5km, middle 7.5km and long 10 to 15km.

The events for biathlon are Sprint, Middle and Individual, para biathletes use a 0.77 air rifle shooting at a target 10m away which is about the size of a 5p. The sprint event for biathlon has 2 shoots held over a distance of 7.5km and for every missed shot you must do a penalty loop of 100m. Middle distance events are held over a distance of 12.5 to 15km and have 4 shoots with penalty loops. Individual race distances are 12.5 to 15km with 4 shoots but for every missed shot 1 minute is added onto your final finishing time.