Vuokatti, Finland Race 2 – 5km

December 13th

Race 2 is the 5 km.

Race 2 of the camp was by far the best. I now knew what I had to do and now knowing the course I went out to enjoy the experience.

Finishing with a time of 18:30:4 allows me to qualify of the World Championships in Canada in February next year.


Vuokatti, Finland First Race 7.5km

December 12th

My first race and it all starts with the 7.5 km race. It was very exciting and nerve racking first race. I had no expectations, just wanted to get my first every time and race under my belt. I was extremely nervous during my first lap but then settled into the race and loved every second of it/ Finished 22nd with a time of 30.46.6.

7km_Page_1 7km 7.5km race times finland3.jpg

Finding Your Feet Sponsorship

Massive thank you to @fyf_charity for sponsoring me on this amazing journey! Finding Your Feet support families affected by amputation or limb difference, through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects. A charity which is very close to my heart! #footsoldier #fyf #paranordic @fyf_charity Castelli Cycling MBS Mountainboards @ Vero Beach, Florida

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Throwback to when it all started!

Throwback to when it all started! It’s amazing what you can achieve in such a short amount of time! I still can’t believe that next week I will be racing 😎💪 #paraathlete #britishnordic #nordic #athlete #amputee #british #skiing#crosscountry 

#strong #tekkers #gbparanordic #gbnordic #gbcrosscountry#humble #grateful 

#positivevibes #challenge #change #inspiration @atomic @Castelli Cycling @Under Armour @Nike SWIX @gbparanordic @Team GB

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First Blog

My first blog on the new website. With the start of the racing season only a month away, the speed and endurance training begins. Today at the Box Crossfit Gym in Airdrie, myself and Scott had an awesome time doing some circuit training. I’m getting really excited for my first race.

Box Clyde Coast Crossfit